Hi!!! Can I Help You??- Noo!!!

So, this just happened the other day, as I'm sure you may have experienced this once or twice (or EVERYtime you enter a store)LOL..

Walking into a store I apprehensively wait for , wait for, YES! Dun Dun Dun.....There they are...a sales associate just waiting and READY to ATTACK!!!!

It's like an ambush...lol. You go in, and at this point , I wait about 3 seconds, and BAM! One of the most annoying things ever to me (and NOT MUCH annoys me)..happens. A sales associate , ever so eager, comes right into your face, and says,

"HI!!! Are you looking for anything ?? Can I help you? Have you been here? Well, we are having a 'If you buy 2, you'll get 3 free' deal today..so here are the coupons, and I'll just be over here, right here in CASE you DO need help..OKKKK?? ANNND..my Name is _____"   

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  hehehehe
 I don't know whether to run out , or just grab the coupons and make my way to the OTHER end of the store..(the latter is what I normally do)LOL...

Well , that is just one of the main things of this world that annoy me...(however I DO know what it is ike to be a sales associate..never did have to go into ppl's faces as soon as they walk in, but, I know they do not TRULY mean to do this ..lmao!!!!) We do know it is your job, but...still.....RUUUNNINNgGG:)
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4 Responses May 24, 2012

Maybe they should sell shirts that say something like, "If I need your help, I'll ask you for it."

OMG, car salesmen, I just go through AAA now.

Oh the worst! Ty for your response C

What is this BAMLOCK...its funny btw:)

Ha! It is a term that my close friend and I created to describe "blocking" certain ppl on ep, but I just HAD to use it in this instance too..hehehe ..thx for your comment =)

I want to BAMBLOCK them as they make their way over...the slyness of them..grrr..then they WATCH haha- just say "BAMBLOCK" and walk away!!!!!LMAOOO :)

Couldn't behold a more TRUE thing in life..there it is. These are the things I'm concerned with !!!! Bamblocking 101 in everyday life!! lol hehehe