Never Would Have Thought This...

I'm an Aries, a Fire sign. I don't think I've ever dated an Air sign, lol.

You Should Be With an Air Sign

Your best match is a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius. You crave excitement and playful banter. Only an air sign can match your wit.

An air sign will keep you on your toes and keep you interested. Your air sign will bring you fun, excitement, and surprises. Sounds like your perfect playmate!
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air meets air.. to create more magic.. i'm an air sign too.. let me wave some air with my HIIIII :O )

Another Aquarian here. Conversations in the hot tub are always fascinating.

Ooo, I do like hot tubs. So much fun, especially with champagne and intriguing company.

I buy sangria by the case.

By the case? I have a friend who makes really good sangria.

Just add chopped fruit and ice...

Mmmm...Now I want some, lol.

Is this an exclusive hot tub and sangria party?

No not at all. The only rule is no textiles in the tub.

I am ok with that rule.

Wait? We're skinny dipping? I need more champagne or sangria for that. ;) Yes, layne, you are welcome to join!

This has the makings of a very fun experience.

Important to find the fun, I think. :)

We have the potential for lots of fun

I hope so! What's life without a little fun?


Now, this is getting really interesting. Three men and me naked in a hot tub. Hmmm... Maybe I'll just sit back and admire...

Well, I'm shocked no one informed me of this get together. L3 you know how I love sangria! I'm in! :) How big is this hot tub??

I hope your guitar fits. You can serenade us.

Ha - says you. I like to be the center of attention. ;)

Thanks c4000 for remembering me!

*rolls eyes* Damn, I thought it was going to be so much fun just me and my boys. Ok, fine, I'll scoot over...

You can still be center of attention. I'm not into center...I will take behind! :)

We can all still have a fantastic time. In sure everyone is willing to focus on you, L.

Lol - if only. Thanks, though. You can focus on me anytime, but it seems c4000 wants the even ratio thing. Silly man.

Silly man. This is all about L. We are all in agreement on that. Right?

How the hell did I miss out on this?!?! Especially since I am the original Sangria girl .... *shakes head sadly*.

I did allude to your sangria-making skills earlier in this thread. :) Welcome, I'll definitely scoot over for you to join!

Layne, I <3 you. :) Thank you for making it all about me, lol.

I did see the allusion, thanks for that, i am just surprised it took me this long to notice the clothing optional sangria fueled hot tub party going on over here. You'd have thought I'd be the first one to join in .... Lol.

I know! I should have messaged you and told you we had a party going on. Think I may need to jump in the pool to cool off. Anyone want to join me in the deep end?

*laughing*...yes, indeed, do message next time. Everyone looks quite cozy now, and as much as I'd love to stay and join in the Queens night of wet debauchery, this subject needs to go hide her tail and horns, shine up the halo and be a productive member of society for now. Hold onto this pitchfork for me will ya?

Boo for productivity on a Sunday afternoon. Alas, I understand. I will be heading to the gym soon as much as I'd rather play and indulge in this wet and wild fantasy. ;) Enjoy your day, dear one! I'll have a stable boy keep the pitchfork in good, sharp condition until you return. Lost my halo again it seems. Don't know how I keep doing that. *sigh* xoxox

We will make sure to include you next time, H.


Thank you my Queen, and you too Layne!

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Aquarius here. Think we might be able to have some interesting...conversations...

I agree. I think they'll be most stimulating...

Agreed. Is there anything better than stimulating conversation?

I can think of a few things, but it ranks toward the top for me. I do enjoy those with intricate minds.

I can only hope my mind is intricate enough to keep your interest.

I'm not worried. Besides, you're cute, furry and cuddly, extra points in my book. ;) I do so love koalas.

Chicks dig the ears...

Well I can always be of assistance since L3 and I are compatible as well! LOL

I think getting a bunch of us compatible people together for stimulating conversation would be a wonderful experience.

Oh, you are talking about conversation? Drats...

You were talking about something else?

LOL! Yes...I thought you and L3 were stimulating something else besides conversation. :)

Why on earth would you think that? ;)

L3 response to you on the fourth line. Yes, you can take it either way, I chose to be naughty. Just go with it! LOL

Maybe I've been talking naughty the whole time. Maybe...

Where is she anyway! LOL Yoo hoo, are wanted by a koala and empty road...LOL

Sorry, was making breakfast. :) Now, where are we? Oh, yes, koala, empty road and Snow White - well, I've always been good at talking with and understanding animals. Is your empty road perhaps near an enchanted forest?

It can be as enchanted as you like! :)

Enchanted forest...a wonderful place for stimulating conversation.

Stop it already! LOL

Enchanted forests are the best - so much to explore, discover and experience...

True, allowing hours of play.

Hours and hours - days, even

It is the searching that is so enjoyable.

I prefer the finding.

Sometimes it is the searching that you find.


Think of the fun that long stretches of searching will bring...

I like to explore and discover, yes, searching seems unfulfilling somehow, but maybe that's just my context.

The search is not unfulfilled. Each discovery only brings additional explorAtion.

I get that.

Don't overlook the journey by focusing on the destination. Enjoy the sights along the way

I love the journey. Just don't want to search / seek but not find. Would rather explore and enjoy the journey.

We are saying the same thing, just in different ways.

I think so.

Just saw your "Chicks dig the ears" comment. Laughing out loud right now. I do dig the ears. So friggin' cute! Just want to nuzzle them, scratch behind them, pet them... ;)

I know so.

You know so, huh? Cocky. :)

Confident, not cocky.

Love that about you...

We all have our talents.


Wonder what yours is...

I'll never tell...

Keep the mystery. A good idea.

I'm really bad at mystery, but I'm trying... ;)

Doing rather well with me.

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Im a Gemini, you know what that means L3! :)

Ooo, baby, slide a little closer, lol. Just don't drive me crazy with your dual personality. ;)