I am listening to perfect by hedley
I am so grateful that matt introduce this song to me.
I am lovin it :)
Sal1603 Sal1603
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Wow thanks for the recommendation
Imma check it out right now

Shinedown sound of madness is awesome aswell

Listen to Diamond eyes, by shinedown.

And (godsmack-cry'in like a *****)

I see you all are songs experts haha

Hmmm (nine inch nails-closer)-(Linken park-echo)-(hopsin-ill mind of hopsin 5/if you like good rap music)

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Listen to invincible by hedley next <3.

Thanks ^.^
matt already introduce that to me :P
I am starting to like this canadian band a lot

:P. Listen to How you remind me- by avirl lavigane n

okay sure !!!!