Turn To Putty!

if my ears and neck are kissed, licked and nibbled there's not much i wouldn't do. those are definitely my hot spots heart
jerrica jerrica
51-55, F
11 Responses Sep 19, 2010

To be kissed on the right side of my neck just near the ear, I feel the breath and I instantly feel shakey and week to my desires..;)

yes! mmm mmm good!

ronald, i'm sure you could! *jerrica moves closer*

curve of your side? i don't think i ever explored that body part. interesting that the body has all sorts of erogenous zones.

The back of my neck, and the curve of my side are the two places that turn me to playdoh! :)

mmm hmm!

How about soft whispers or sensious breathing in your ear? That'll make me weak in the knees.

lol. it is that good, no doubt.

If my ears are nibbled or licked, my leg shakes like a dogs.....lol.

ooh yes! i get goosebumps just thinking about it lol

those are my top two spots also! lol

maybe not all of them but it would be a good way to try lol