Hmmm *daydreams*

He always knew how to send those butterflies to my stomach, make me weak in the knees and make my cheeks flush with heat and turn bright red.
He'd grab me by the waist, press me tightly against his body as if our bodies could mold into one. He'd then kiss me on the cheek and forehead then allow our lips to meet in an incredibly passionate and intense kiss that would send chills down anyone's spine. His hand would then wander to my neck, brushin my hair gently away makin room for his lips to follow. He'd kiss my neck gently then start nibbling on it roughly makin me pull lightly on his silky hair and allowin quiet moans to escape me. *blush*
geesthesex geesthesex
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3 Responses Jul 6, 2011

What a grand pleasure to read! Its so sweet, love it, so powerful Stunning, really, genuinely stunning , Keep penning ....:)

This sounds exactly like me and my ex=[

Jealous!!* lol. You have a nice neck too, I can see why he enjoyed that.