Makes Me Week In The Knees

being licked behind my ears...
sisycrystal sisycrystal
46-50, T
4 Responses May 17, 2012

being kissed on the nipple drives me crazy - even before I was femme or had my boobies done. Now sometimes my wife will pinch my nipples when we're out and my knees almost buckle!

My *** being fondled and carressed!! gets me every time

I get weak in the knees when kissed or my silky nyloned legs are carressed.

when i see a muscleman walking down the street in a tight shirt or wife beater tee shirt I literally get weak in the knees and feel llike swooning. Arm muscles make me almost faint and buckle my knees. !!! Just thinking about one walking past me has me on my knees ******* off with my pants down.