Where Are You

At first I wanted mind reading until I realized how mug thoughts hurt
Then I wanted strength until I realized we all have a weakness
Then to fly until someone said what goes up must come down
So I found hw perfect one....invisibility
I want to be able to be there but not. I want to be able to go to my favorite place and stay there undisturbed, to be able to see he most beautiful things and no one knowing you are there. To see peoples true colors without embarrassing or enraging them. But most of all I want to be able to jusy disappear and not have to run away to do so. Tomtit in my room unseen and listen to music, to lie in my bed and hear the silence to be ms and not have to be somewhere foreign to do so. To be invisible when I needed time so I could run around like a freak and not be judged
starst starst
18-21, F
May 3, 2011