I think invisability would be the best super power to have. You could do so much with it. But, most of the things I'm thinking of aren't exactly decent, and are definately not the type of things super-heros would do. But nevertheless, that would be the power I'd choose.
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True. Susan Storm of the Fantastic Four has the best powers in the comics universe. If I had her powers I'd become a blank meme "Steel all da monies!"

hmmm the wonders of invsibility think i would one of them pervs lol

X-ray vision for me---<br />
<br />
Loved the scene from the Superman movie when Lois Lane asks Superman.<br />
<br />
What color is the underwear I'm wearing.<br />
<br />
He ignores the question until she moves away from a lead lined box and says "pink".

That would be awesome. I could easily eavesdrop to hear what people say about me just by sitting next to them. I would love to have that power :)