Super Power!!!

If i could choose any super power it would have to be telepathy hands down and for those who dont know what that means it means i wanna have the power to read ppls thoughts it suites mepretty well bc im always fasinated by the brain and how it works and the power it has and im really good at reading ppl but if i had that power watch out lol
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I always get super freaked out when Im close by someone and I think that they can read my mind..

I think if I had a choice of super power... It would be between super intelligence, so that I can solve world wide problems, advance science, and allow me to explore so many new things that may not be found for years or decades. The other power would be telekinesis, the ability to affect things or people around us with my mind. I could have so much fun with that messing with people and I wouldn't be able to get physically hurt any more. I would want my power to be passed on though so it's never really lost.

I would definitely want teleportation, then I don't have to sleep 3500km away from my family and I can still be at work every morning. But tthen I would not need this job to make a living as I would make a living with my super power and sleep at home in any case every night.

Telepathy? Seriously?

Having a super power would not be exactly fun and games. Example: having super hearing would mean you could hear everything. EVERYTHING. A "super power" in itself would be an extension of an already existing sense, hence there would be no "off switch". On the note of super hearing, you would be able to hear the insects in the wall, mice outside, domestic squabbles, etc.

I don't want to seem like an uppity weirdo or anything, but do I dislike people who wish for things without thinking.

However, if I could have a "superpower" it would be shape shifting. Think of all the monsters I could turn into :)

Telepathy? Difficult to believe!

What am I thinking?

Telepathy is a good one. I think I'd want to have the ability to see the future, though. I think that would be very useful, too.