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I Am Sweet and Wouldn't Want to Be Any Other Way!

You Are Sweet


You are easy going and pleasant. You are always happy and upbeat.
No wonder you're so popular. There's nothing to dislike about you.

You are both likable and lovable. In fact, some people feel very passionately about you.
You are simply bliss inducing. You remind people to take time and enjoy life.

When people describe me, this is what I hear more than anything else.

angelwings626 angelwings626 46-50, F 4 Responses Jun 2, 2009

Your Response


color me happy, and dress me in truffles! woo hoo !!!<br />
seriously, what you wrote is yet another example of how your words and their usage reassure me of the many blessings I have in a dear friend like you IM<br />
*curtsies*<br />

((((((((((hugsnkisses)))))))))<br />
My Josie~ you are sweet and oh so loved!<br />

We knew this! You sweet, delicious ever so popular woman you. (((((Hugs)))))

special? as in imported decadent chocolate truffles, perhaps?<br />
;-) lol<br />
hugs my IM ... you are quite special, indeed!