What Is the Big Attraction

i have read quite a few stories and i dont understand what the big attraction is for this subject there are people that like to wet there pants and sit in it and there are also people that poo there pants and love it and will sit in it for hours i just dont get it and understand the logic in it each to there own but i couldnt stand the though of ******* my pants or ******** my pants can someone please explain this to me why on earth people enjoy doing this..... 

america1008 america1008
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4 Responses Mar 2, 2009

wow.that was very informative and yet im still clueless as to why this is exciting for ppl to do.i guess a fetish is a fetish no matter what.

I don't know what the root cause of these types of fetishes are, or why they are enjoyable to some. No matter what it is, some one is going to like it.

There's no logic in certain fetishes. They just are regardless of the consequences. I mean look at Sounding (Google if you don't know) Some of them are downright nutty.

yes you are right there it is very unsanitary god i cant stand to go one day without a shower and just the though of ****** my pants or ******* them just makes me want to go and have another shower and think of the smell