I Want One

I got this email at work today.  Photos of some really cute baby animals and some really scary one (that monkey will be giving me nightmares for the next week and a half).

However, after showing the following photo to Dasmuggler, neither one of us knows what the hell this thing is.  And I want one.


What the hell is this?!

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I'm thinking it could be a mutant mix of a stoat/ermine and weasel. That's what I'm going with.<br />
<br />
It's a Wemine.

I want one that stays this small though!!

That was my other choice.

Hmmm -- he looks a little like a baby stoat.

It's a weasel.

No, it's definitely not a mongoose, silly. Sugar gliders are in the possum family and marsupials. Does nobody know what the little creature is? Please let me know if you do? Not a weasel for sure tho.

its rikki tikki tavi of course!!!

I am pretty sure it is a sugar glider altho their colors are usually gray with dark stripes. darn, I thought I copied a good picture! BUT NO. . . SEarch for sugar glider and look at the pix.<br />
<br />
SUGAR <br />
GLIDER <br />
<br />
Sugar Glider, scientifically called Petaurus breviceps "short-headed rope-dancer" is a small arboreal gliding possum, and a type of marsupial mammal. <br />
Their name came from early bushman who found they liked sweet things like honey and sugar and from their ability to glide between trees <br />
<br />
They are silvery blue grey in colour (dark stripe on back) , very light (100 to 160g), their body length is around 200mm long with a similar length tail<br />
It is thought that Sugar gliders live for 9 years in their natural habitat

I am pretty sure it may be a sugar glider b/c of the little hands and feet and nose. I think they come from Australia, so some Auusie naturalist tell us, please. I've only seen one, once, sometime ago. They are adorable, but need big cages and maybe another sugar glider as companion. I don't think they are in the weasel or rodent family. maybe more like lemurs?

Aww its cute but I dont want a weasel... Im sticking to my cat.

You had a weasel in your house?!?!? Next time that happens, catch it and send it to me!!

It is a weasel ..I had one in my kitchen a while back drinking out the dogs water bowl!

It's a weasel. <br />
<br />
And, I want one. But I want it to stay a baby.

dinner? *giggles* <br />
<br />

I know, right?!

Um...it's a weasel.

That second picture is flippin' ADORABLE!!<br />
<br />
It's definitely a weasel.

I don't think you should own goldfish anymore. LOL

I am sure they can live long if you take care of it, but mine always ended up dead in 3 days... i fed it too so i dunno what was up.

I think it is a flying squirrel. My girlfriend had one as a pet and it looked a lot like that...

Fat cats are the best.<br />
<br />
But, I beg to differ with Arorin about the goldfish. My goldfish is years old and just keeps getting bigger.

A gold fish is boring and they die so easily... Plus taking care of the tank is a real pain. You should get her a really fat cat. Those are the types of cats that just sleep all day so it is all good.

Weasels will bite your face off.

They are pretty much the same thing, but i know you can get a ferret as a pet. I don't know about a weasel though.

I think it's a weasel. I found other baby weasel pics and they look identical.

Much better.<br />
<br />
Those tasmanian devils are not the cutest things.

Definitely a weasel. <br />
<br />
So, who's getting me one?

looks like a ferret to me.<br />
<br />

it's a weasel

A stoat, weasel, or even polecat or pine marten kitten.

I don't think it's either one of those. I looked them both up. The tasmanian devil looks to bear-ish.<br />
<br />
I think it's either a weasel or a mink. But who knows!?!?

mia bella is right its one of the two.

No. It looks like it wants to be loved and cuddled.

It has the look of if you touch me I'll bite you...