What Da ???


If you can figure out what this is then more power to you

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It's one of Patricia Piccinini's wax sculptures :P You should check out the dog-human...It's awesome work, but damn creepy.

I think the only thing being imposed is the little guys wee wee on the "victim"

it's something super imposed not real

Different spokes for different folks!

*ditto* ROTFLMOA too... the picture almost made me spew my noodles... but the comments and arorin's link.. I think I just peed myself.. hmm.. no, but close call<BR><BR><br />
<br />
~ taste like chicken ~ ha ha Max.. looks like something served up on the local chinese buffet, eh?

ROTFLMAO!!!<br />
<br />
Now that is funny

OOOOOH<br />
<br />

I now know what this thing is... <br />
<br />
The thing on her face is the anonymous poster who hates Dr. Seuss<br />
<br />

Even though this "thing" scares the crap out of me, he does have pretty eyes.

the little monster has standards

That thing would NEVER date Paris Hilton!!

there's a thought I wish I did not visualize

That is not a weasel

obviously, she is nursing...

Inflating it... erm no I dare not say it

I'm with pickle....WTF?!?!

they may leap out at you

hairless possum.

Arorin, that link should come with warnings. LOTS of warnings. I'm gonna be sick.

I think she's inflating it, not that I would know about that sort of thing.


Great.<br />
<br />
I'm going to have ******* nightmares for the next week and a half. <br />
<br />
My spine is all weird and twisted and....ugh.