The Extreme Men's Rights Activists, That Is...

They just look as insane as separatist violent feminists like Valerie Solanas, the creator of the SCUM Manifesto.

Sites that promote "putting women in their place" make me ill.
TheWomanWhoDid TheWomanWhoDid
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I don't know that they are doing very much....I don't believe there are any shelters for battered MEN, but there are men stuck with extremely abusive women. <br />
You'd think the MRA's would try to do something concrete like that, wouldn't you?

...and men stuck with extremely abusive men.

Perhaps they used to be kind hearted and were abused so they are mega hardarses now?

True about men stuck with abusive men...
...I'm thinking there are probably a *few* of them who have been treated evilly by women.
I think a lot of them lack empathy in a critical way though.

They frighten me.

Me also, fanatics of ANY stripe usually do.

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