True Love Is...

True Love is loving unselfishly... no matter what comes.

I saw True Love at its finest about 3 weeks ago. We were visiting my mother-in-law at an Alzheimers care facility. As we were sitting there, next to her in the dining room, I was watching a couple at the next table. The scene had captured my attention... not because of the sadness of it... but because of the amazing love shown by the wife to her husband. It brought tears to my eyes!

He couldn't speak... sitting silently and staring off into space across the room. They both appeared to be in their sixties... not many years older than my wife and I. She was so calm and caring to him... beautiful. After crossing the room, then returning to their table, she placed a bowl before him. Caringly she snapped the large bib around his neck, then made sure it was laying neatly on his chest. Wrapping her arms around his neck she drew herself close to him... kissing him on his cheek and speaking softly into his ear... talking to him. She opened the bag of food she had brought for them to share... opening a bag of salad mix she poured some into the bowl and they both began to eat from it with their fingers... sitting side by side. She would occasionally feed him a strawberry with her fingers, placing it carefully between his lips and into his mouth. Then she opened a package of soft cheese... breaking off a small piece with her fingers she fed the cheese to her husband. Then more salad... pieces of cheese... strawberries... slowly they shared lunch together. Every so often she would brush her hand through his hair... or wipe food from his chin... or lean close to his ear to whisper to him softly.

I was mesmerized as I watched her feed and care for him... It was beautiful and amazing beyond belief... TRUE LOVE... in action.
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2 Responses Aug 12, 2010

*nodding* yes. What wouldn't we ALL give for a love like that?! YOU, sir, are a Romantic! :-)

Wow, thank you for sharing that beautiful story.