Really Dude?

I have many things that turn me off:
1. Really bad shoes.. I know it's weird but if i can see your socks through the side of your shoes. Eww. You won't buy yourself decent shoes. You obviously wouldn't pay for a date.
2. Nasty teeth. If I can see what you ate the last week, grooooody.
3. Pants below the waist. Your underwear may be nice, but come on now.
4. Guys that excessivley text. I want to talk to you, not to you and your phone.
5. Braggers. Enough said.
6. Bad sense of humor. Or none at all.
7. Pimps and players = badddd news.
8. Last but not least: Guys who live with their mom or grandmother. (sorry but mamas boys are not my thing)
CncJlb CncJlb
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4 Responses Jul 18, 2010

*huggin it up!* lol

hey seriously, you like my type!!!..............all points wht I was planning to write in my story.<br />
Jus give me a hug ma frnd!

i don't know about you but, sloppy kisses are a huge turn off for me!

I agree with everyone you just stated....