Too Friendly

Both women and men. Either they want to tell you their life story and you've known them like 10 minutes. I'm not looking to be someone's therapist. They'll tell me stuff that's personal and then want to know personal stuff about me. No I don't think so, I'm not playing that game. Usually I try to get away from them.

The nosy types, they ask way too many questions about me. Am I being interviewed? I don't like people that want to know lots of personal stuff about me. If I evade the question it means I'm not ready to share that kind of information. They just don't get it and ask the question again in a different way, I'm not that stupid. If they press it, I'll just lie. I share only when I'm comfortable.

The too attracted man who is staring at my chest while he's talking to me. Hello, I have eyes. I really don't like that. MAJOR TURNOFF! I don't see why men think this is appealing. How would they like it if stared into their ear for the entire conversation. I'm sure they would think it was weird.

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4 Responses Jul 18, 2010

Thank you destiney24.

No I'm not telling you what size - that is a personal question! No I don't wear revealing clothing. I think some men must just think women like that. They're clueless!<br />
<br />
Some questions are fine, you're missing the point, some people just don't understand personal boundaries. Okay, let's play it this way. How about you tell me what's your annual salary, where you've invested your money and how much is your net worth. I mean since we're getting to know each other and you don't mind personal questions.

Thank you AzaleaElise :~)

I second that.