And their ILK.  Anyone who puts women down, degrades us, claims that men are somehow superior... etc etc.  Listen, if that's your real belief, then fine.  You are certainly entitled to it.  But just do me a favor and stay away from me, ok?
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always have to blame women for the things that go wrong in their lives, these misogynists... do they ever stop to wonder if other men and society might also have had some part in their upbringing? excuses for mindless ignorance are still just that - excuses.

that's nice and agreeable but there's grey area which i don't find favor to but someone else can overlook. women are more likely to emotionally abuse than men. men are more prone to physical abuse acording to year 2006 survey statistics. with that said, a young boy that's been emotionally abused his childhood is likely to feel the same way about women and in doing so, he's likely to be mistaken for someone who is high minded and a bigot simply because his adapted responses from his youth. this could leave a young man feeling major depression and rejection so men and women alike for the most part understand grey area, mutual boundaries, and also commit infidelity to each other's trust. i can't say i take sides or there is such thing as sides to this matter, it's just about mutual understanding and it can be very painful to men and women alike for someone they love to lack understanding about your feelings or fears. I'm just trying to say don't worry too much about this matter as it's much less common than you probably fear. Almost anything that is very negative you can count on it coming from stupid people who think they're smart and a small percent of the population. Hope that helps...even if you didn't say you want/need help. lol