Utter Turn Offs

There are so many so heres a few off the top of my head.

Men in thongs, sorry its just a big turn off for me! I just find it repulsive even on the finest male body.

Brown teeth, Im big on oral hygeine.

Body Odour (unless youve just come in from a very physical job and are going to hit the shower immediately)

Reluctance to show your wallet/purse the light of day

Conceited arrogant behaviour

Not making eye contact while you are talking and acknowledging friends and starting a brief conversation with them over your shoulder while you are in the middle of what you are saying...and forget.

Talking about how hot other women are and ogling every female with any flesh on show (Be discreet and keep thses thoughts to yourself lol)
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Well I see I am with you on all seven, Read all your stories, havent looked for any pictures as your avator, if thats you, is certainly worh seeing. If you see this late posting let me know if we can be friends, so to speak1

LOL you're welcome and thank YOU for your kind words. BTW, this site needs more like you too! x

Hhahah always classy thankyou for the comment on my hair lol, bless you! Nice to see someone with some class around ep the site needs more like you x

I think that was a pretty reasonable list. lol! A big one to me is someone that doesn't know when to stop talking... in other words - poor listeners. That means their only interest is in themselves. Also, facial piercing are a turn-off especially rings other than on ears… and tongue piercings!! BTW, I like your smile and hair in that pic. :)

Lol gmac i really have to agree with your second to last and your last hate.

I agree w/ ur list here's some of my turn offs:<br />
<br />
People who talk about themselves in the 3rd person.<br />
People who always talk about themselves<br />
People who continue to talk after you have said goodbye<br />
Obese women in bikinis

Great list. I would make the list but am not looking. By the way I am not a fan of seeing men in thongs, I prefer women :).

Lol JP indeed, what if i said what a well turned out man you were....would i be a ignorant ****...damn i hope so! x

when people think it's a compliment when they say to me "wow, you're so well spoken" damn ignorant *****, lol.

Thimbleguy, id rather see a penis the size of a grain of rice then one in a thong!

Another exellent addition heavenlyscent friends that do the dirty on you they are on the list now also.

Friends that do the dirty on you...biggest turn off there is...that' and men in thongs ....<br />
wonder if they know they look stupid in them ????

Oh fantastic additions pamperurft!!! Yeah the other week i went to the local freezer centre bought 2 french bread pizzas, put them in the freezer until i fancied them a few weeks later. When i got them out to cook, blow me! There was only a flipping crust on them both! No topping at all! I was hungry so i made my own topping in the end! Utter rip off!

Thanks facingmyfears! I will do girl! I would still be typing it now if id put down ALL my pet peeves lol.

Oh its ok Ersatz im with you now lol. the penny finely dropped on that one! Im afraid its straight down my friend lol.

Oh yeah...crap! Gave that one away!! Ive such loose lips you know! (on my face! Before some smart *** jumps on that one!) Ersatz....i have no idea what you mean? Please enlighten me. Im having a really unusually gormy day today lol.

Lol Ed! If that is your only crime on my hitlist you are ok. You werent supposed to let folk know about me chasing you around the xmas tree trying to spank you in your thong!!!

Aww Nudy! You certainly would never turn me off lol x

Yes stevester have to agree about the mobiles one, especially when they are in a shop and been served, can that call just not wait until they leave? I ignore mine until im free to talk, just plain rude.

using mobiles in company. I hate the sight of so called celebrities, Paris Hilton springs to mind...who r permanently on the mobile.

Hey!!! You havent tasted mine! Im a great cook! Not so great at baking, so get outta here before i throw one of my rock hard scones at you lol! And i used to hate BBQs until i tasted my partners, it just tasted different to all the other cremated ones id had before.