Dirty Talk

Alright, I'm happy with rough sex every once in a while, as well as sweet love making or whatever. They both get me off, depending on my mood, and I love. It. x]
My boyfriend and I were laying in bed and we started wrestling over the pillows and blankets. Of course, we ended up naked. (it was inevitable with him). Anyhow, he was still in his dominant stature and was holding my arms above my head and smirking down at me. I'll admit, even this turned me on a little bit--I enjoy being submissive and feeling the warmth of someone on top of me.
BUT. He went overboard when he began telling me to call him Daddy and crap (my past wasnt exactly happy with my dad, so this scared me and kind of brought back memories), so I grunted and pushed him off, ready to go on with life.

I guess he thought I was playing along? He kept going. He started using all of these words and immediately, my mood DROPPED. Like, Bam. The end.
Looking back, it was kind of funny how he was trying to play the big bad man when he's actually a sweetheart, but at the time it made me want to never have sex again.
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Lol exactly! I dont mind rough sex at all, but there are definitely limits. Hell, give it to me good, but don't sit there and try to rape me... Thank. You.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING THIS! I once just got up and left after a young lady wanted me to roleplay as her father as she pretended to resist being raped by him. For the life of me, I don't understand that fantasy UNLESS it is a reenactment of a real life situation which she remembers fondly. In any event, I don't care if that's the actual reason, I just know I don't want any part of it. I don't EVER want to be comfortable with the thought of a man molesting his own child. The young lady tried to call me to apologize, but I told her not to bother -- if she wanted a guy who got off on pretending to rape his daughter, there were plenty of sickos she could seduce and she was wasting her time on me.<br />
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I adore young women who like older guys -- that's not an issue. I like to give it to any lady I'm lucky enough to be naked with as rough as she wants to take it. But I draw the line when in order to get off, she wants me to pretend I'm somebody I'd like to shoot in the forehead, like that son of a ***** who sent his wife to kidnap a girl, and kept her in his backyard where he raped her until she gave birth to two daughters that he raised as his own. That's a mood killer and a deal breaker. <br />
<br />
When you're willing to reserve judgment on people like child rapists for the sake of intensifying your own ******, it's no longer innocent fun -- part of your soul is being eaten away because instead of the victims' pain, you're thinking of the punisher's pleasure AND his ability to enslave an unwilling person through giving them sexual pleasure, which creates an exploitable conflict between body and mind. Apparently, there are quite a few guys who would be such ******** if they could get away with it, and enjoy the company of women who either grew to enjoy being their victims (or just fantasize about being with someone that powerful).<br />
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Although my sexual experiences have not always been with women I've L-O-V-E loved, they have always been with women I desire and have genuine affection. If I feel like you need to be degraded, I could never be intimate with you in the first place -- I don't do it with women I don't like, so don't expect me to pretend I don't like you even for a few minutes. On the other hand, if you would like me to grab you with a grip like a vise, smack your *** so hard it leaves a bruise, twist you into a pretzel to find new positions that work for you, and pound your ***** until you scream like you've got Tourette's, all with the motivation of having an intense experience with somebody you like and enjoy being around, you've *** to the right place. ;)

ahh lol dirty talk just makes me want to cry..but i wouldnt have been able to push him off without feeling bad lol so go you for pushing him away(: lol

I know, I understand. Howeverrr, he knows all about my past and knows that talking in that kind of way really shakes me up. I was kind of alright with him doing what he wanted--I usually let him do whatever during sex as long as it doesn't hurt--but asking me to call him Daddy? I can't do it and he knows that. I think that he kind of got lost in the moment and didn't realize what he was doing, which is why afterward I apologized for it. <br />
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But a safeword is a good idea for future reference. Thanks.

In my now 2 year relationship, I am new to dirty talk. I'm having way more fun now, but it took me a long time to start understanding it, and enjoying it. <br />
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You might want to discuss with him having a SAFEWORD. By saying such as the word "red", that means everything STOPS. Whether you decide to continue or not is up to you, Having a safe word gives you the chance to stop the scene, and explain why you are not comfortable, or something is bothering you. Everyone has fantasies, and it would not be fair to either one of you to not discuss any given problem. As his gf, it up to you, and you alone to tell him you don't like something. No one is a mind reader. Why make him feel bad if he DOESN"T KNOW. All he knows is that your shoving him off of you and giving him a dirty look. That's not exactly fair is it? <br />
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I have had MANY things bother me in the moment. But once I use my safeword. We stop the scene, and talk about whatever it is that is upsetting me. My bf is the one that gave me the use of a safeword. And if your bf truly respects and loves you, and is a good guy, he will be totally fine with this. This is not to say to use your safe word at the drop of a hat. You can't always use it cuz you don't feel like doing something that he likes. If you're in pain, about to cry, weirded out, those are valid uses for you safeword. Just remember men are NOT MIND READERS. Even if you have told him you didn't not want this or that, men don't always remember in the heat of the moment. Having a safeword will make everything less stressful, and a better sex life for both of you.

Why thank you x]