No Thank You

Disclaimer ~ I realize we all have bad days and can't honestly say that we haven't struggled with the things I have listed here.  And I am understanding enough to take those bad days into consideration.  The turn off comes when these issues are prominent, and unchanging. 

~ I understand that sometimes its needed but there is a proper place and way of doing so.  And its not in front of me.
Nothing sounds more disgusting then hacking up phlegm and then seeing it splat somewhere. What's with the huge noise production that goes with that anyway? lol  Never understood why someone would want to draw attention to themselves in that way.  

BAD HYGIENE ~ I know that some careers and chores can cause you to become rather filthy and I have nothing against that.  And I am sympathetic when the day is done, they are exhausted from working so hard, I respect hard workers.  But men are super fast at showering, and changing clothes and it will help you relax when you wash away a days work.  When they do that it tells me that they respect me, want to be approachable and are preparing to enjoy my company.  Nothing says I don't want you as clear as bad hygiene does. 

ATTENTION SEEKING LOUD MOUTHS ~ If you are speaking to a whole crowd in a huge room, its understandable. But if you are in a small room, or only speaking to a few there is no reason to be shouting as you talk.  It comes off as aggressive and its rather annoying to have my ear drums wavering over every syllable you pronounce.  If you can't talk at a normal sound level when you are just talking, I can only imagine what you would sound like angry and shouting. No thanks. 

SHIFTY EYES ~ Of course I don't want you to stare at me blankly without blinking but not looking me in the eye is my signal you are not interested and/or it causes me to be suspicious of your honesty.  My guard immediately goes up when this happens.  Confident and honest men make eye contact and it shows me they are paying attention. 

NEGATIVITY ~ Everyone goes through a rough time, has things happen to them, I am sympathetic to that....I truly am.  But there's got to be some sunshine in their somewhere.  If one conversation consists mostly of angry complaints, woe is me, everyone hates me, or is picking on laughter, no smiles......that tells me that happiness with you will be hard to find.  Even here on Ep you request an ad, I check your profile and every single story is negative.  I don't add.  I can understand a few because like I said everyone goes through a rough time, including me, but I choose not to let that be the only thing that defines me.  I am so much more then my past. Being judgemental, prejudiced, or racist is a huge negative as well. 

GOING FOR THE GUSTO ~ blatant sexual come ons, says you are aggressive and have no patience.  Not appealing at all.  Taking your time, making me laugh, keeping me interested with our conversation and challenging my mind works every time.  I think of it in terms of Little Red Riding Hood.  The undertone is there, and yet its subtle enough she doesn't run off till its too late. LOL 

BAD MANNERS ~ being rude to people, eating with your mouth open, lack of consideration for others and so on and so on........a little politeness, chivalry and kindness towards everyone goes a long ways. I pay attention to these things....if you can behave badly towards others....eventually you will behave badly towards me. 

ARROGANCE/ KNOW IT ALLS ~ I admire intelligence and wit, everyone has something they are knowledgeable about and I enjoy learning but when it becomes belittling, closed minded, I am always right even though the evidence is present, I know that I will never be able to have my own ideas or get a word in edge wise. 
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2012

You hit the nail right on the head, everything you said is absolutely correct.


nope, not negative or judgmental. I particularly liked the part about Red Riding Hood, but that's just my rabbity nature... I think it does the world good to hear these things listed once in a while. Somehow, the culture has drifted away from a willingness to make societal rules, and while everyone's in a hurry to make everyone else feel comfortable in their laziness, we really do need a certain amount of etiquette.

Thank you, my Red Riding Hood comment still makes me chuckle but I find it to be very true in my case. I agree there is a time and a place for everything and we need those guidelines to determine those things.

oh, i agree ! subtlety is often lost in the barrage of reality-TV as pre-adolescent training...

For sure.....subtlety is so much more enticing, or in other words building up the chemistry, the silent electrical shock waves, the quickened heart that feeling. :)

AMEN on it all!! I LOVED the disclaimer too!! You didn't at ALL come off as negative or judgmental,,,,You came off sounding like the smart and discerning lady you are!!

Awwww (blush) Thank you, that's what I was hoping for :D ((hugs))