Guys Like My Estranged Husband.

1- comparing me to other women 2- Always talking about money 3- putting others down because of things they can't control 4- overprotectiveness. Its the same thing as jealousy. 5- Control freaks. 6- Tell me I can't. I will show you I will. 7- I hate a cuddler. lol 8- hacking-gagging-spitting lugies. 9- clingyness 10- Stupidity. 11- The overly smart who are "holier than thou" 12- the over share guy. 13- the whiner 14- A man who hits. Anyone. 15- The girly guy 16- The bad father. 17- The liar, cheater, thief... 18- Mr. Irresponsible. 19- "I don't have a car, but..." 20- "I live with my mommy." 21- blatant sexual innuendo.
dancingfree dancingfree
22-25, F
Jan 26, 2012