You Are Bella

You are quiet and very private. You're the type of girl who keeps her thoughts to herself.
It's hard to move you, but once you meet the right guy, all of your emotions open up.

You have your own ideas about the world, and you're very stubborn. You don't like to hear "no".
Your ideal guy is brave, protective, and totally devoted to you. And of course, he knows that you are very special.

mother1983 mother1983
31-35, F
6 Responses Apr 1, 2011

You are welcome welsh.

I agree with all these comments here SM2010!!! :) thank you for sharing!! chicka!! :) great result, "snap" lol :)

LOL.. Sure you can me Bella. I'm not very private online. Maybe in real life.

Well do I call you Bella from now on Mother? Nice profile, biting your



oops I don't know why that's on your post sorry

That is okay. It was a quiz result from Blog things quizzes site.

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aww.. Thanks Floydess and whatever..

I agree with Floydess comment...You are special. :)