Entering this world was never as cool as it was that summer night in '85...

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I was younger in the 80's but I rocked the side ponytail and could pull off the Debbie Gibson look quite well! LMFAO.. I went through that vest phase... UGH! No one can forget the spandex... and some people STILL think they could pull it off! I used to wear the spandex bike shorts to school... was so proud of them, they had a big pink stripe on the side!<br />
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I remember going to the haidresser and telling the lady I wanted my hair to look like a triange... Spiral curl and then a blunt cut on the bottom. I'd take my curling iron (the itty bitty one) and curl my bangs, spray aquanet on them and finish off with a blowdryer. Tease, spray, tease, spray... Perfect!<br />
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...oh gosh, i graduated high school '81...the rest of the eighties were a drugs and rock and roll...all night clubbing, yep, BIG hair and BIG jewellery, esp earrings, HUGE hoops and teased hair, granny boots with spike heels, leather, tons of hair gel...Prince, Loverboy, and Flashdance...eeeew. I'm with Missa; fun but do NOT want to relive that era...laugh.


Ha ha! No, I have snapshots of '80s night' on Thursdays to remind me of mocking the 80s on a regular basis. ((((((((I love crimping/heels with socks)))))))