I Love Cross Dressers!

I have recently met a cross dressing guy!
Wow what have I been missed.

What a lovely gentle fun horny hobby!

Keep it up gurlz!

C xx
carolineseymour carolineseymour
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If only there were more like you. Bless you forever for your attitude.

will do

I love and commend your wonderful refreshing attitude toward cross dressers. You story albeit brief, is a classic illustration of what a woman can be missing out on until she experiences the uniqueness and soft feminine side of a cross dressing guy. The common interest between the woman and the cross dresser being lovely lingerie and gorgeous soft feminine clothing, silky sheer stockings and sexy shoes. Those wonderful soft elements combine perfectly to create a glorious sensual scene which enhances the fun, enjoyment, and the pleasure for both the woman and the cross dresser. In fact the build up to sex can be electrifying and the sex sizzling hot. Open mindedness, understanding and acceptance in most instances enable a very rewarding experience to be derived for both parties. Thank you Caroline for sharing your most important, enlightening and fabulous experience.

ONG so tell us of the fun! Love to know!

Wow you look passable caroline

I cross dress in secret do you wana chat or see pics

I'm glad some women enjoy being around us

Thank you Caroline.

Curtsey to you miss Caroline!!! I so love being gurly. Wish I could entice you to help me with my makeup!!! You're so feminine!!! I would die to look as pretty as you!!!!

I'm glad that you enjoy it. I am sure I am not the only one who would like to hear more about your experiences.

thank you Caroline,

I wear silk lingerie every day now under my suit a lovely silky daily experience.


I want nothing more than to be appreciated, accepted and adored by women. I sure do not want to disgust anyone. I don't know what I am. I love women's clothes and I love women. I want it to be okay to be feminine. I just want my girlfriends to treat me like another girl. I am very grateful that there are appreciative women. I would tell all women that cross-dressers and transsexuals could be lots of fun! (and safe, we respect women)

He is a lucky guy to fing someone like you.

Thanks for your understanding!

Sure Wish I could find my unicorn too.

It's the finding out after many years that causes problems. I'm glad if was in the right place to tell you from the start. Enjoy. X

It's the finding out after many years that causes problems. I'm glad if was in the right place to tell you from the start. Enjoy. X

Until my wife met me and we started dating she had heard about crossdressers, but she had never met one that she knew about. The fact that I am transgendered, enjoying the feminine, excited her. She insisted I dress for her after our second date and it has just gone from there. She, like you Caroline, thinks it is great and now you will not have to miss out on the fun anymore.

I really wish there were more women like you.

Yay!! You are my heroine!! Wish more women were shared your attitude.

Wow thanks! I have a wife that enjoys it but sure would love it if more women felt the same way.

well i think most do but they freak when its their guy if you see what i mean!

Wow, what a very nice thing to say about us gurlz!

my pleasure hunni!

Thank you so much sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

I think most Women would love it if only they would give us sissygurls a chance!


Plenty men wear silk lingerie every day and stockings.