I Would Like To Know Too

I have had women tell me I am beautiful and some just become shocked when they find out what I really am. I would really like honest opinions.
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I think you are quite an eye catcher.

Great profile picture... You are a very beautiful person

From the pic you posted, Brandi, you look great! Wished I looked so good. I have never had a woman tell me I was beautiful ... but I had them tell me I am attractive. So you are obviously blessed in the looks department and are doing things right. Go girl ...

The name Brandi was given to me by a woman. She said it fit better than my old one. My full girls name is Brandi Lauren Miller.

That's great Brandi and yes your name fits with your picture. My name is Lee and I was given it at birth. My parents expected me to be a girl so they were shocked when they were told I was a boy. Fortunately my name is androgunus enough, knowing a number of women and men I share the name with, since it was the only name my parents had picked out, I stuck with it. Those who know me really well know about my name and have had some good laughts about it ... the doctors were wrong and my parents were right, I am a girl.

If I didnt have this stupid penis,I would be a girl.

Ditto girlfriend. But hey, there are lots of people with birth defects; we just happen to be women with a birth defect between our legs. At least that is how I look at it ...

I agree. But we are the only ones who get shunned for it.

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