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From comments on EP and other media sites it would appear that Women are becoming more accepting of men in Lingerie, I know that 30 years ago most Women frowned upon it.
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I know what you mean. Interestingly enough, women have been able to wear just about any of the men's clothes that they want and nothing is said for the most part. Why the double standard?

I think the internet has helped to open the minds of others. Still, I think we are many, many generations away from wide spread acceptance.

It is getting better, maybe another generation and fashions change anyway.

Hope so! :-D

It will improve vastly in the next 10 years.

I guess I'm not sure what you mean by "wide spread acceptance." I liken it a lot to acceptance of gays. My wife and I are both totally accepting of gays, and have some among our close circle of friends. But I have NO attraction to men and she has NO attraction to women. I think its the same for crossdressing. We're perfectly accepting, but that doesn't translate into any attraction - so if you're looking for the majority of women wanting to be with a crossdresser, I think that's as hopeless as the majority of men wanting to be with a gay man. Just my thoughts...

You bring up a very good point. In this case, I meant wide spread acceptance = understanding. I would simply be happy if more people understood crossdressing more from the perspective that CDs are usually straight, do not typically want to have a sex change, and that we enjoy wearing women's clothing. As far as more women being attracted CDs...understanding would probably increase the number of women attracted, but it would never become a majority.

Stacy, I have an honest question, which I hope you'll take in the respectful manner I'm asking it. You go here by "Stacy", the story poster goes by "silkGIRL8", another who has responded goes by SusanWST and many other CD's here seem to also seem to want to be known by female names/handles. I guess I can understand CD's who are straight but enjoy wearing women's clothing - but when it extends to essentially assuming a complete female persona including name - but you say most "do not typically want a sex change" that's where I honestly have trouble understanding...

Well, the female name is all part of the illusion I suppose. I guess I could have come up with a gender neutral handle, but I really didn't think that much about it.

As far as the not wanting a sex change...I think you have to understand the difference between transvestism and transsexualism. I realize the lines can appear blurred...particularly if you are on the outside looking in. But there really is a distinction there. I hope that helps.

WetCoupleBigD makes an interesting point, but I think you are making too much out of a screen name. CD's tend to find EP as a way to channel that female side they repress and hide. EP is like turning on the faucet full blast for some of us, all that fem side comes gushing out.

It's a good thing though because they at least have an outlet. But the line between CD and trans is still firmly in place. The only time I feel it gets blurry is when a CD has a female name and makes others think he is a female. I tend to think that person is quite confused about who they are Nd who they want to be. Sure EP is still an outlet, but leading others along like that seems wrong to me. I do think it's ok to treat a CD or TG person as their preferred gender as long as all the facts are know.

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Years ago there was so little information about it. I had been wearing lingerie all my life and it wasn't until I was about 22 years old before I heard the word transvestite. I thought I was the only guy in the world that liked to wear lingerie

That was me until about my late 20's, then the internet opened my world up. Finding others like me helped me finally accept who I am, and I now embrace it.

Yes it would have been nice to have the internet when we were younger. I know when I first found out I wasn't alone with my feelings I had to find time to go to the library and research what I could find on crossdressing and transvestism. Today I have no problem with who I am and people who find out are much more informed and understanding.

Many men in the Western World wear nice silky lingerie.

I first learned about TS women (Christine Jorgenson, et al) when I was about 14 and I read everything I could about them. However, I knew that wasn't me- I liked dressing and the thought sometimes of even being a daughter, but I also knew I liked girls. I felt good about myself even at age 14, even if I was sure I was the only boy in the world who liked the thought of dressing as a girl and doing other girly things, like curling my hair. As comfortable as I was with myself, I was intimidated by girls, and it was very nice to discover a few years later that I was by no means alone. I

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I'm working through expanding my wearing with my wife who is not particularly 'fem'. When we met I told her about my interests and at the time 16-years ago she had a job where she was encouraged to dress professionally with dresses and hosiery. She exclusively wore hold my pleasure. We would wear them on occassion. So she is in favor to that level. I need to be direct with her to let her know that I am more than willing to add my stronger 'fem interests' to compensate for her lck thereof.
So my wife is 1-yes and I will pursue this more aggressively.

Without lingerie, dresses, blouses or skirts I would feel empty

Well I have heard that it is about 10% of the population are T-people, like us, and if that is true I suspect it is an equal precentage of women who are accepting of men in lingerie.

I heard that 36% of men wear silk knickers every day.

Silk or nylon ... could be and you very well might be spot on.

I think the majority of women & society still frowns upon men dressing in lingerie, but like you said more and more women are beginning to accept it. And that makes me happy

I wish mine could!

It will happen and she will accept it with open arms.