More Power to You!

I think it's awesome that a man can put on women's clothes and feel good about it. Many times, men look better in half our clothes, anyway! If it makes you feel good, and you're happy, then rock it!!!

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Wonderful article. Thank you for sharing and for your support. Feel free to add me as a friend.

I am a life long crossdresser. Because of being slender, I have received several compliments on how good I look in dresses and skirts. The clothing is superior in every way!

I want to say thank you for your support and kind words

I am sorry but just because you don't wear a bra does not qualify for not being a cross-dresser. You dress in clothes that were designed and manufactured for a female and worn by a male constitutes cross dressing. Why may I ask? Do you not complete the act and wear a bra and fill it out? My clothes do not fit right without a bra. I wear an all in one girdle everyday and I naturally fill a C cup, so I need a bra. I was 350# and have dropped to 250# but my breasts remained. When I dress I fill them out to a D or DD depending on the clothes. Do you wear make-up? I do and have pretty well mastered the art and it is an art. I had a lot of help from my wife until it finally clicked. When I go out in public I would not feel right if I didn't look the part, even though I don't pass but I have to be complete.<br />
Even though you banned the bra, you are still one of us.<br />
Hugs<br />

I dress for comfort as anything and like skirts that flow round legs as walk but I'm not a true cross dresser don't wear bra.Just Panties,skirt,cami top and Tshirt.With tights/hold ups

I am in my late 50's and I dress and go out quite often. I do not think I can pass for anything other than a guy in a dress but I get comfort from it and that is life.<br />
I do not now, nor have I ever dressed like a hooker or any sort of dress to make women look bad. I always wear age appropriate clothing, no heels over 3in. My make-up is done to perfection with subdued colors and I always try my best to sit with my legs closed, and smooth my dress under me and to have some class. I have had a very good teacher, my wife. She has helped me buy clothes, taught me make-up, how to do my wigs. She helps me decide on shoes and she has helped to teach me the proper mannerisms. Women are to be revered, not mocked. I would not be the woman I am today without my wife. God Bless all of the women that accept us crossdressers. If people would just do their homework they would see that crossdressing can be traced to birth and we have no control over it and it can't be cured.

I like your attitude NYTattooChick. Crossdressers don't want to look better than women - just want to look like women, and for others to think we look good doing it!

Who not understood why is so important and good for us, probably never tried to do... They just living their own cube, and know not any more than they want to know, int the inside, many man and woman suffer in trying to be fit to the society's cube, meantime they torture themselves, as the society torture the outsiders. I mean this in a big context not only us who belongs under the big T umbrella...

Thank you for not judging us.<br />
I dress any chance I can.

I think it's great. Women get to wear men's clothes, and it's no big deal, but if a man puts on women's clothes, he is shunned. I think that's a bunch of crap. My sister and I used to have all sorts of friends over, but we never let a guy visit more than once unless he passed our test.... Every guy we ever had over, had to put on our clothes, or something we had in the closet. Then we got to take pictures. We even got some of them to put on makeup. And the guys that did it, had so much fun, and are still good friends today. The ones that didn't were too uptight, and they fell by the wayside. Maybe that's an odd way of weeding out the good from the bad, but it worked, and we have some great friends and awesome photos! One of my longest relationships was with a guy who was wearing striped tights when I first met him. He wore a skirt in public, and I held his hand anyway. it was him, and I liked that he could be him around me. I believe it is important for everyone to do what makes them feel whole.

I love your test. You can give me the full test and I am sure I will pass with flying colours. I just love dressing up.

Thank you for your comment! Men don't understand why we do it!, but the women that know about me are very impressed! The main thig is I feel a better person for the whole experience!