Seriously? I am a people person. I love meeting new people and I love getting to know people. One of the best treats is when I meet someone who is different than me. If someone wants dress in clothes that belong to a different sex then all the better! At least I get to meet who that person really is.

     My neighbors had a friend who would clean their house but the stipulation was that he needed to be in a dress. I thought it was the most peculiar thing! But the more I was over there the more comfortable I got because of how comfortable they were being themselves.

     We all wear masks from time to time. We all want to be a different person from time to time. Change can be liberating. Wearing the clothes of a different gender is the same thing. Any cross dressers that want a friend, you got one!

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Very well said

Thank you, sweetheart, I'm sure you are a much loved and respected person by everyone who knows you. I find that younger women are more accepting of crossdressers than most older women.

You are awesome! Thanks for being open minded and sharing your point of view.

very well put ranmoo... i couldnt agree more. same to you PHS. and thanks for everyones input. im glad im not alone with being open minded!

Clothing is an option not only what you wear or if you wear. I equally respect your choice to fly free and be yourself like I accept my choice to wear a skirt and pantyhose. Neither is right for the other, and neither hurts anyone in the process.<br />
<br />
I say do your thing and be happy, and don't impede someone elses happiness in the process. My (soon to be) accepts my choices and encourages them, I hope whomever you choose to be with accepts yours too.

there r 2 rules n life. 1) u can't please everybody and 2) u can't please 1 person all the time. it is not important whether we agree r disagree on personal choices n our lives. what is important is that we respect each other. the world is still big enough for all of us. Fortunately we live n a pretty good country over all for freedom of choice. However, I still maintain that if we were all nudists nobody would ever know what our sexual preferences were or our fantasies were. we do not have 2 b friends nor do we have 2 agree 2 get along. That is my 2 cents. Imagine that.

Good point bunchopanties !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I obviously agree, but htere is always fear of the unknown for people and they tend to react negatively to anything they don't understand. <br />
I'll never forget a conversation I had with a woman who was extremely femme, flirty, girlie, an exhibitionist and attention-starved. She knew I adored her attire, and when I confessed to her I wished I could wear that kind of thing she was horrified, and couldn't understand why I would want to. It was hilarious and sad, her reaction - just because I was born with male genitalia it was completely absurd to her that I might enjoy doing the things she did. At the end of our conversation, in which I tried to make her see that the only real difference between men and women are their body parts and everything else was stereotypes and roles society tried to mold us into, she seemed to get it, if not quite accept it. <br />
Sadly for her, she never spoke to me again, although we ran into each other occasionally. What can I tell you? Some folks have a hard time thinking outside the accepted rectangular structure they are comfortable in.<br />
I'm just glad there are so many who know better.

well thanks ben!

I thought your post was fantastic. You are obviously much more open-minded than many people in our society today. It is a shame that more people cant be like you..

well thanks teachme... i meant every word

I love the sentiment, and the way you express it. I wish there were more people like you.

hmm we will see.. i may try it.. if i do i will let you know lol

ain't nothing better than working out n the yard and getting hot and sweaty then being able 2 get under the waterhose. No clinging clothes and the evaporation feels great. Try taking an outdoor shower during the summer . It is better than umm umm good.

haha awesome!

I clean the house any way why not feel good at the same time . I could go 4 it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i agree. although the only time im naked is in the shower or having sex! but it would be nice to be part of a community and just wear my birthday suit!

I still maintain that there is nothing more comfortable than nothing. That is my story and I am sticking 2 it. Imagine that