Let Loose!!!!!!!!

run in circles in my undies.... EVERYWHERE... on the side note, i would move the f uck into a location that is remote, like the mountains or something,, and start growing my own crops and building my own cabin, and yes i stole the equipment (+ a gun for hunting) neccessary to survive, and the reason y,,, i have a negative belief on if there were no laws

i believe there would b total utter chaos.... at first,,,, cuz ... well let me put it this way, taking away laws is like DEPRIVING A KID AND PRETEEN EVERYTHING THEY EVER WANTED OR NEEDED AND THEN THEY TURN 18 AND LEAVE THE DAMN PLACE AND let loose. meaning they let loose without being prepared for this cuz their parents were unresponsible and sheltering....

so yeah,,, ppl would BURST with power and giddiness and pure adrenaline of the thrills and bs they were so SUPPRESSED by before.....

now i believe chaos wont last forever,, ppl everywhere will start getting the sh its of it,,, cept for the ones who claim tyrancy and somehow manage to have followers, but then again eventually peace would start up in different areas,, who knows the world could be separated into ure good and bad literally, as in sides will actually b divided by tangible lands,,, anyway..........

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Most people can't even change the battery in their cars, of fix a simple plumbing leak, or even assemble a set of pre-fab shelves without ******* them up, let alone BUILD shelves. Hell, most can't even cook if it doesn't have microwave heating instructions. I know how to fix just about anything on a car (pre-mid 70's), cook elaborate meals, keep bees, brew, make cheese, make soap, hunt, reload ammunition, fish, raise chickens, basic carpentry, basic machining, make jams and jellys... <br />
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"Specialization is for insects." - Robert A. Heinlein

ahh yess, good advice indeed sir ;-) man i really should start doing more research on living on the no - side- technology part,,, ya never know when it will come in handy...... <br />
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tis really a shame ............ some ppl dont know HOW to survive using earth resources and without man made poison :'-(

Don't forget to swipe some heirloom variety vegetable seeds (modern hybrids won't produce viable seeds for next year's garden) and some fruit trees from the nursery on your way to your cabin.