I would not have to worry about the cops asking me why I was in a certain place... I mean they shouldn't be able to ask that now because I didn't know there was restrictions on where we could go as american citizens, but If I could just go to the drug store and get my drugs I wouldn't cause trouble or hurt anyone.... IT is probably better that I am not on drugs but if this were the case, drugs would not have interfered with my life the way they have.
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I agree completely. The first thing they always say that will happen with drugs is that it makes people commit violent rape, I guess that is the best way to get to people that don't know about drugs. They tell you that is drugs are legal someone will come rape your wife and daughter. when the smear campaign against marijuana first came about that was the biggest scare tactic used but in the 1920's after heroin and cocain were made illegal it was all middle aged and older ladies that were the ones addicted. When I hear anyone in charge of the "war on drugs" speak about it, I think it is funny how misinformed they are. Most doctors (the ones that know about the effects of drugs) don't think that most drugs are all that harmful, and lots of doctors smoke pot!

its a complete shame how stupid drugs laws are.you are a free adult and as long as you do something privately it shoudl be YOUR problem,but if trying something that awakens you is soo pursued by the goverment amybe they are lying to us and making us believe stupid lies like weed is dangerous and you "could kill your borther if smoke a joint" its just RIDICULOUS.<br />