Atrocious, Disheartening

The darkness in some people's hearts is frightening. heinous and leaves one questioning the theory that man is inherently good.
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3 Responses Jan 2, 2008

everyone has their demons. Fight for truth...give those demons some exercise.

No, I don't believe man is inherently EVIL, or even necessarily GOOD.<br />
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I started to think about this after the posting about laws, and the suggestion that things would not really change without them.<br />
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Then people started posting things that were very disturbing, such as how they would kill this person or that person if there were no laws. Vindictiveness is a very evil emotion that poisons everyone it touches.<br />
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I think there is a segment of the population in which laws are necessary to motivate them to practice self-control. The knowledge that they would probably go to prison if they acted on an impulse to lash out at someone who they perceived had wronged them, keeps them in check. Without this motivation, the selfish (as Peadar calls them), self-centered individual may very well act out.<br />
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Denmarkguy, I find this aspect of society very scary as well. It is not always immediately apparent in a person, that just below the surface lurks an angry, vindictive, thoughtless individual who does not respect other people's boundaries. I don't possess this darkness either, for which I am very grateful, but some do and for them laws are absolutely necessary.

People scare me.<br />
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I don't seem to have that darkness; those who have it make me feel very uneasy.