What Would I Do If There Were No Laws?

Exactly what I do everyday now. I govern myself, guided by my own consciousness. Doing so has gotten me in trouble with authority once in awhile... but in a way, good. I question rules and authority because I think for myself and formulate my own opinions... and some laws are just effing stupid. Just because something is against the law doesn't mean it's wrong... weed for example, which has never killed anyone over its 5,000+ year old history of use... just as something that's legal doesn't mean it's right either... booze and cigarettes, the leading causes of preventable death. Ever notice that taxed drugs are okay, but the non-taxed ones are "bad" for you? Pffft, frikkin hypocrites. Besides, being lawless shouldn't necessarily suggest lack of morals... I just hope my neighbors feel the same lol.
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6 Responses May 17, 2012

I've always just thought the law is (for the most) to save people from their own stupidity, whilst I do agree with your weed point

Imagine that you are primate .. and you make a rule of the way you govern yourself.. thinking that it is the right way one should govern oneself.... and that gets implemented to the future generation as righteousness prescribed by goddess rednetrab111....

so some rednetrab100 in the past laid out these self-governance as laws, in a lawless land.. as in laying roads in a barren land...

So if they can lay the roads for us.... we too can erase all of em and lay fresh roads for future.. or leave them as plain lands...

True true true. Although there are certain things I would do of there were no consequences it is possible for most to govern themselves. And some laws are just plain dumb. I agree totally with your take on weed, my pet peeve is seatbelts. Road rules and laws are there to protect the idiotic form hurting anyone else, but a seat belt is freedom of choice. If you happen to get into a head on and choose not to wear your belt, it's either natural selection or your right to choose how to go. Ugh, too much to drink for this rant. Sorry folks.

back in my youth I would have smoked all the weed and graffiti'd the whole city if no laws hell laws didn't stop me and I never got busted by the police anyways
now I am reserved and mellow in my senior years LOL ;)

Welcome to the WILD WILD WEST ;o)

I agree with you 100%. Majority of us do exactly as you do everyday. I feel the law and government is only in place to keep us dumb and caged. True freedom means nothing when we are not free people