If there were no law against it, I'd walk around topless or even nude out in the open.

Other than that I wouldn't change the way I live.


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Search YouTube for "Irwin in the Buff", to see a courageous Frenchman who lives in San Sebastian, in Northern Spain, test the city authorities limits with his naked roaming of the town. <br />
It's legal to be naked on any Spanish beach, but he is copping flak by extending that nudity to anywhere in town. <br />
I wonder why simple, harmless nudity is so offensive to so many people? I think the churches have a lot to answer for.<br />
<br />

I agree and would send all my love to on this quest.. God gave us these beautiful bodies..

Public nudity is readily accepted and even ignored in many European states. Look at this video to see how many people in this European state just walk right past this naked woman on the street,without batting an eyelid. In most Western countries, the police would be out in force, arresting her, handcuffing her, and trying to make her publically embarrassed. This is God's finest creation, the naked human body!!