Easy Answer For Me...

Where I was about 2-3 years ago. (yuck!)

Yohanna Yohanna
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1 Response Mar 9, 2009

Okay...I will clarify......<br />
(sorry if I break Lashon Hara - but it is truth.)<br />
<br />
To be with my ex (he is an atheist), making insane amounts of money (greed), being surrounded by many material things (materialism, greed, empty), being on holidays the majority of the time (sloth), and lacking true love (there was some - but not anywhere near what Heavenly Father can bring).<br />
<br />
That would be my heck.<br />
<br />
There was some good things back then - I had a few close friends that were respectable, and I had my children living with me. (One is now an adult and the other is with family gaining a great education in a place that is far from where I can afford to live. I miss them.)