Being Without My Children...

I already lived this hell...every other week.  I hated being away from my children...  Typically children should be with their mother, by nature we are more compassionate, loving, nuturing.  We guide gently rather than roughly and harshly.  Watching what was becoming of my children while they were living with my ex was horrible.  Despite being where they hated they were also thrown into a ridiculous mess of emotions when the ex introduced them to one female after another.  At one point hardly ever staying in their own home but being forced to sleep on a couch while their dad was with one **** after another.  One was supposedly a friend of mine!!!

I want to protect my children and raise them in a Christian home.  I want my children to have the best and be the best.   I support their lives completely, especially their individualism...they have their own feelings and thoughts about everything that affects their lives.  They have a voice to be heard loud and clear. 

I will never allow this to happen again.  They are where they belong and are thriving in their lives now.  I am joyous to be their mother and I see the changes in them since being back in my home.  My life is all about my children.  Church, sports, community activities...and leasure time at home.  We are a broken family but happier than we have ever been!!! 

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1 Response Mar 11, 2009

I am glad you made it out of that hell! It great that things have settled down. Children thrive on stability. (Adults too) I am so happy for all of you.<br />
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Your story sounds quite similar to mine. I would cry after my children left (I tried to hide it), and it broke my heart to see them leave - everytime. It seems silly as I knew I would see them again, but I couldn't help myself (emotions aren't logical). My story is really a long to keep it brief...the 'broken family' is the same... as well as I am a lover of God, and my ex is an atheist (is that similar to your experience?)<br />
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So glad all is good for you! God bless you! :-)