Lots Of Things

1. being alone
2. confined spaces but only sometimes and I am fine in caves and things and underwater.
3. setting myself to high so I usually lower my targets even though realistically I can meet alot of them if I tried.
4. myelf
5. Asylems although they seem so inviting at the same time!... I like being scared.
6. being hurt
7. commitments to a certain extent.... due to 6
8. being a nobody
9. hurting other people.
10. child birth... OMG why?... maybe when I am ready to give up my body and also endure a radiculous amount of pain!
Niknak300 Niknak300
22-25, F
2 Responses Jun 6, 2012

why you feel fear about "myself"

Trapped in a very tight sewer. 2, Finding myself in a croc infested swamp while nude, 3, Being chained to a wall & receiving electric shocks to groin to confess something I know nothing of, 4 Watching a home go up in flames knowing everyone dear is trapped inside, 5, Being dropped into one of those shredders Saddam Hussein used for entertainment when killing former hench men, feet first & very slowly grind thru to the torso