I Ain't Scared Of No Ghost But...

I am scared of trusting another completely with my heart, believing in love, growing old all alone, making love and finding out it was only lust for him, and dancing alone in the moonlight. So many things to be scared of but terrifying to me.
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I know what its like to not trust someone with your heart. Thats what I'm scared of the most that and being alone.

I am sorry DP. **hugs**

I am sorry DP. **hugs**

hearts do men but they are never the same. . . they permanently carry that loving scar.

A terrible state of mind... it's a bit the loss of believing in one's self, which is comprehensible, but totally unwanted and even more unneeded...<br />
Because, having loved and lost -as painful as it may and can be- is just proof that you are able to love, a testament to your ability to give, not the other way round.<br />
It is easy to say to be careful with your heart, as that heart has a mind of it's own most of the time.<br />
But, as cruel as it may sound, hearts mend. It only depends on time and the willingness to let it mend; to not linger on or go back to hurtful memories.<br />
Don't look into the mirror too much, but look beyond it, to an inviting horizon and all the promises it holds... : )