Afraid To....

I'm afraid of the dark to some extent.
Scared of being alone to fight the world.
afraid of getting hurt by people
Not having someone to truly love me.
Very much afraid of heights.
some scary movies.
koolkatjossie koolkatjossie
36-40, F
3 Responses Jan 5, 2013

I used to be scared of the dark, nowadays not so much! I think after a time, the fact that nothing ever happened to me despite it being dark, meant that I got over it!

You can conquer these fears by accepting that you aren't in control. The dark fears are just your subconscious holding you back. Message me sometime and we can talk about our common fears and I will help you over *** them. I will share my personal battle of the dark..... Now I like the dark very much.

Those do not sound like fun fears