My Biggest Fear

My biggest fear is that my daughter will grow up without having a happy childhood.
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I have the same fear. I want my kids to be happy more than anything else. I wonder when they are my age how they will view their childhood.

You just need to ask her from, time to time, what do you want to do today *loving nickname here*??? And just go with it, or as close to it as you can. Or you can plan one for yourself, I'm pretty sure you know some of her favorite things to go and do. These times together just fill with love, don't bring any stress along. The fact you are worried, means she probably is happy. Just do your best. Hope the suggestion helps.

Because of that medical condition that you have?

I wish not to disclose that information.

her having a happy childhood, is up to U.
make good memories with her and not regrets.