Protecting Animals

I think my biggest fear is not protecting an animal when I could.

Recently I thought there was a gang of men in the woods badger baiting. I stopped the car and went to investigate and it turned out not to be the case. I was very nervous but more concerned about the badgers.

I hate cruelty to animals and will always try and help but very often  there are extremely nasty people involved and they make me feel afraid.


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Hmmm .. I have a pet frog and there are lots in the garden and toads .. <br />
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I am not too keen on large bettles (forget their name) that fly in my face <br />
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But dont think I am afraid of any animal in particular , <br />
not even snakes.

Don't worry child I have good contacts with rescue centres and local vets.

There is usually extreme mental illness associated with people that are cruel to animals. Please, please Tas be careful.<br />
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I too am a rescuer of both animals and people. One of my husband's biggest complaints about me was that I always brought home strays (that includes people - usually only children though).

Thank you Drewberry .. <br />
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Pleased to see you smiling again ;)

Yes - be careful. People wouldn't think twice about hurting anyone that gets in their way.<BR><BR>Love the pics Tas.<BR><BR>Take care

Thank you b <br />
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Yes I try to be sensible .. I would prefer to call out an agency to intervene but sometime have to act there and then

hello beautiful ladies<br />
<br />
the world has some real sicko's in it.<br />
<br />
just be sensible when you think of intervening. don't want you to disappear from this site.<br />
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Yes thats what I mean ..that is why I am afraid.

I always worry that people who could be cruel to animals would also be cruel to other people without caring much at all. Do be careful if you confront these types of people, Tassie.