Right Now?

I'm listening to:

Recovery by Eminem. Excellent CD. Very few bad cuts. The duets are especially poignant (yes I used that word!) Love the Way You Lie featuring Rihanna is haunting. And anyone who has watched a sporting event has been treated to NOT AFRAID. Although the lyrics are better than any I would expect. If a 50 year old woman like me likes it....it must be good.

BackSpacer by Pearl Jam. Perhaps their best work. Truly not a bad cut on the cd.

Buffet Hotel. by Jimmy Buffett. Its summer time. Don't judge me.

Funhouse by Pink. What a nice surprise!

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4 Responses Jul 21, 2010

omg -- *laughing* I LOVE Eminem! It's so great to find another woman my age who'll admit to enjoying his edgy brand of entertainment! I haven't heard his latest CD tho. I need to get up to speed quick!<br />
<br />
Like Jimmy Buffet too, but like James Taylor better! :-)

I was listening to a band called Netherfriends today. You have to like indie/artsy music (i.e. Beatlesesque stuff) to like them, but they're quite good.

There were two tracks that had lyrics that really offended my delicate ears...but what'dya expect.. its rap. Overall I really liked it! And my Mom friends liked it too. (Actually heard it first in my friends SUV mom mobile)

No music...cept the soundtrack to the movie The Fall...my son is watching it. Heard about Recovery....oldest really wanted me to listen to it