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Tomahawk....sir, yes sir.  Before that it was Audioslave.....I am the Highway.......then Anthrax...Potters field......do you know that Anthrax is a disease that cattle get? When I was a teenager & heard someone talking about this band for the first time, I had no idea what they were talking about.....I only knew of the disease. lol yeah, well, I grew up in a farming community. Oh, now it's No Doubt...To Late

I'm on Jango.com listening to free music on "stations" that I create. It's pretty cool.

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Hi Ricky! OMG I can't believe you had to miss that concert!!!!! To be able to see those guys together would be freaking AWESOME!!!!!!!!<br />
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Hi Karlyintn, yep, Audioslave is one of my all time favorite bands (I'm so sad they broke up) and "I am the highway" is one of my very favorite songs. I think Chris Cornell has one of the most powerful voices in music today.<br />
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Hi Sleepless34, Do you mean you made your playlist on jango.com? I like the song you mentioned. :)

i just made my playlist and listening "Feel" - Robbie Williams right now...

i had tickets to see ted nugent kid rock and metallica on new years eve one year but some scheduling problems came up and i couldn't go :-(

I Love Audioslave, I am the Highway.... Chris is so awesome...

O.K. now I'm back to my love Kid Rock, "Son of Detroit"....video from his official web site.<br />
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Oh quit it! He's an excellent drummer. *giggle* ;)

sure its not we all believe you pixie LOL

lol, Ricky!! U R so naughty! That's not the ONLY reason I like Tommy. *wink* But, you gotta admit, he's very um, uh....talented? lol

hey pixie we all know why you like tommy lee......you saw the video didn't you LOL

hmmmmm, I don't think I know that one leanntwilight. I'd have to hear it. Can you hum a few lines? lol :)

Right now I'm listening to Caramelldanse by Caramell.....weird<br />
pop song with a catchy tune. I blame my niece for having me listen to it.

I partied with AC/DC roadies back in Kansas....years ago. My sis worked at a truck stop & so my friends and I would hang out there. One night the big old truck pulled up & we were in heaven!!! Partied like a rock star that night....from what I can remember. LOL!! ;)

the priest is touring this summer. i saw iron maiden twice once on the wasted years tour and once in a truckstop really nice guys actually and i saw the crue on the theatre of pain tour

I really like Tommy Lee....I always have. I am really glad that Kid punched him though...he is a smartass. lol All of that aside...I like Kid's music much better but. i still like the Crue and would go see them.<br />
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Iron Maiden...not so much....but Judas Priest? I'd go see them. lol

Me neither & I'm just chomping at the bit to see him!!!!! Ah, I'd love to see the Crue.....i shouldn't say that within the same paragraph as kid. lol I had to give up a ticket to their Dr. Feelgood concert way back when because of work...that sucked so much....I had to hear all about it from my friends for a very long time! lol

how far u going this haul Ricky?<br />
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yeah, I agree partytested. I love to ROCK! I love all music but I really love to party.....I'm going to see Kid Rock either in May or July....haven't decided which just yet. :)

going away

R U coming or going, away from home Ricky?

there's my silly little monkey....that sounds pretty good. I love the title! lol

a truckstop in Lancaster,OH

Oh Ricky my friend, where u at honey?

i'm listening to the wind traffic and birds :-)