Heathers Soundtrack (22) J.d.'s Bomb

From the film, Heathers

Ahh this film was so awesome. I loved it so much as a teenager.

I remember the music really stirred something in me.

It's always the music that makes or breaks a film or game for me.

To make an emotional attachment because of the music is important to me.

I dont think anyone would like it that much if they just listened to it on youtube.

You have to watch the movie so that the music brings back those feelings you had when you first saw it.
SDuWarriorInf SDuWarriorInf
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1 Response Apr 20, 2012

I absolutely love that movie, I was just watching it 2 days ago. Such a classic I love Christian Slater he is my man <3

Aw yeah I really thought he was cool when I saw that movie - I still do. Im gonna watch it again soon I think.

I also just found out that a movie I thought was called Memorandum, and starred Brad Pitt, is actually called Memento and stars Guy Pierce. No wonder no-one has heard of it rofl...