Over And Over...............it's Stuck!

Somebody got it stuck in my head *winks*
I'm not complaining b/c it's a darn good one.

girlfaith girlfaith
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now it's stuck in mine

This is a darn good tune, and AK has a darn good voice(duh).

Only thing makes it any better(or worse?) is knowing Keith Whitley's story. Peace.

Very true, I do know a tad about Keith Whitley........................such a sad story!

I liked it...I don't think I've heard it before either...She has a beautiful voice!

Yea she does *smiles* and the lyrics I love. It rang true to a conversation I had recently about those yummy moments between two people when..... words aren't necessary *winks*

Awww...I got that too!! ;)

Not much of a country music listener then are we, sierra? Just ribbin you a little. =)

I use to never be but a person right here on ep got me listening to a bunch of the older artists like Johnny Cash and I totally fell in love with them and now I always take time to listen to the different country artists and am seeing where I have missed some really great music thru the years.... :)

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