I Am Grateful For Alot

I am grateful for alot of things.I am grateful for being a 2nd chance.I am grateful that I have friends here that I can talk to and feel like they wont judge me.I am grateful that I have a home and things I need to survive.But I am most grateful that I have my kids.They mean the world to me and without them life has no meaning to me,
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You know now that I think about it Im grateful for that to just sad that so many never make it back home safe.

aw :]<br />
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i'm grateful for my boyfriend, without him, idk where i'd be today, honestly.<br />
i'm grateful that my boyfriend is going to be going overseas to fight for all of us civilians, and im grateful we have people like him who make our lives a little bit safter :]

You deserve this second chance you've been given, and to have your kids back. You are a very good father!!<br />
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Those are good things to be thankful for, I dont really kow much about him other than he created the earth and that he is real but Im working on that.

I am grateful for friends and for the love and kindness of my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

That is good things to be greateful for

Thats beautiful, I'm grateful that i've accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Personal Saviour, I'm grateful that he gave me the grace to humble myself , confess my sins and forsake them.<br />
I'm grateful that he gave me the grace to turn away from my sinful indulgence like fornication,malice, anger, hatred, bitterness , fighting and lots more more than ten years.<br />
I'm grateful that He has given me grace to abide in him and follow him faithfully, I'm grateful that one day i would see him in Glory.