Rebirth And New Spiritual Walk

The Jesus Walk really is not a religion but a spiritual rebirth.  Learn his background.  Dig deeper than the Bible.  You will find out why regular religion sometimes cannot feed you.  Why the walk with Jesus is more important than ever? And why it was so revolutionary in its time and will be again...possibly what the big deal is in late 2012.

Read about the Essenes, Nag Hammadic library, and other works that tell of the most pure ways to make your spiritual walk.  There is so much we do not know about.  And, you must study the basic of most religions to get the full picture.  Read the Holy Torah and find out about some the oldest traditions in spiritual walks in the world.  Find out the true spiritual walk of Jesus, especially in reference to how he was raisied.

You will see what is true.  Your heart will show and tell you more than any human ever could.  Trust the comforter within you and the way will be shown to you.  May You All Walk in Peace and Much Love and Many Blessings, livingwell
livingwell livingwell
51-55, F
Apr 13, 2011