Today I Am Most Grateful For...

Today I am most grateful for, not only my life, but those that are in it..

I have been given a second chance, that most people never recieve.  I have the three most beautiful daughters in the world, and I am so thankful that God chose me to raise them and care for them.  I have also been blessed with the most supportive group of friends that anyone could ever ask for both at home, and here on EP.

There are some days, especially recently, when things are just not going as I planned..welcome to life ;P.  When I start to get down, or just need someone to talk with, my girls are not always the best at conversation..there is only so much that a 9, 5, and 2 year old understand about the "Grown up" world...I can always count on my EP friends to listen and understand. 

I am also so very thankful that I am able to support my friends, through my life experiences.  It has been so encouraging to me, that such a tragic event in my life, has been turned into such a positive inspiration to so many people, and it truly makes all of my obstacles in life, so worthwhile.  I am so very blessed, and grateful to have met so many people, and to have the ability to touch their lives in some way, through communication and motivation. 

So for all of you here at EP, and my beautiful children here at home, you all have made me so grateful and so blessed, and I thank you..

UnperfectAngel UnperfectAngel
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2 Responses Dec 12, 2008

You have such a great attitude! I am so happy that you <br />
have three little girls. They are such blessings. I have <br />
two girls and I am thrilled to about to become a <br />
grandmother of a little girl! Have a great day!

aww i am glad you're so optimistic