Being Alive, Able to Love, Forgive, and Laugh Like a Fool!

My life has always had its everyday ups and downs.  I have had some very good highs and some major lows.  But a few years ago I was in a bad car accident were I was thrown from my car, badly injured.  I'm still receiving medical stuff and on going procedures with that situation.

But as I look around my life ... I'm thankful that I even have a life, period. I have caring friends of almost every ethnic background.  I have family that lets me know they love and care about me everyday.  That in itself would be treasure enough, but the Creator has seen fit to give me back my ability to walk and drive, with the ability to walk without the terrible pain I had become used to over the years.

I have a Pastor who visited me in my sick room, and he brought his wife and child, too.  I guess what my story is trying to say is that I am grateful for every second, minute, hour, day, month and year that I have been priviledged with in this life. And, I laugh every chance I get.  At my work they call me Smiley.  Even though my customers are serviced by phone I laugh and talk with them as though they are right across the counter in front of me.

We all take it for granted.  We assume that we will each wake up every morning, have good health, have true love, a loving family, a good job, good children, and true friends and don't get me wrong that is a sweet way to look at life.  But we take it all for granted most of the time.  It is a wonder any of us get through life as well as we do.

I am truly grateful to be alive.  And, I try everyday to give what I have been given back to those I know and those I come to know. I try to look at situations in Love, always.  I forgive without malice because no one is perfect, least of all me. I'm not trying to be perfect, but I always want the Creator to know I am truly grateful for this gift.  My voice & life could have been silenced years ago, but it was not. I have been given a glorious second chance not to take life for granted, like old man Scrooge and the Christmas Spirit. So I try to celebrate, encourage, and generate much love and happy life in all I do and say, everyday!

Peace and Much Love to You All.

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Yes he is! I shole heartedly, agree! Hugs, LW

god is so awesome. amen!

Thanks ...But so sre YOU Guys, TOO!! Many Blessings

You are one of the lucky few who are able to recognize and take a tragic situation to make your life richer and not take life for granted. My husband who suffered a life altering back injury 11 years ago has recently had the opportunity to have a neuro stimulator implanted in his back which is cutting edge technology which has profoundly changed his life. Throughout those 11 years of excruciating pain, he still managed to maintain a good outlook on life because God and the love we have for each other after 25 years of marriage sustained us. We are blessed to have this opportunity<br />
now for help. I am happy for you! You are a survivor!

I agree. Thank you!

I just wrote a blog starting with the statement that in misfortune we find fortune and in fortune we find misfortune. That philosophy has been my saving grace for the last ten years. I have yet to walk away from any conquest or tragedy that has not taught me to give thanks for the moment I am in and am grateful for what I have in that very moment. This life is a journey full of winding paths, long roads of solitude with seemingly untenable horizon. Yet, regardless of the path of our choosing the journey rewards when we realize that our spirits outcome is our choice. At the end of a day, whether I walk a path of contentment or I have fallen to the roadside feeling depleted, I go to bed with one thought. I have survived and for that I am grateful as for my tomorrow I choose to be happy.

Thank you all..always. Blessings, livingwell

Hi dear friend,thanks for a wake up call sharing.You are very right about little miracles that many people overlooked.We are all created for a purpose in this world.Be grateful and contented and our days are always happy.GOD BLESS.

I'm glad you enjoyed this story. Thank you. But more importantly... Please don't let a close call have to happen to wake you up to what we all miss and take for granted.<br />
<br />
Make a point to take notice of the little miracles that happen around you everyday. Then when other matters seem to take center stage you will always know what is most important in your life. The fact that you and I are actually here is one of the nicest miracles ever!<br />
<br />
Peace and Much Love to You.

Such an enjoyable and inspiring story. We do tend to take things for granted.

That is a very inspiring story .. I really enjoyed reading it.

Thank you for this beautiful story reminding us to be mindful of all the blessings in our lives, and to look upon others with loving eyes.<br />
<br />
You touch the world in a loving way and that is how the world touches you back! You are an inspiration.