I got answers

I finally found a doctor who did not think i was crazy because of the pain I was having

i have a real problem

and it is treatable

and it will stop most of my pain

and it will help with the other health problems i have


I i should be able to lead a more normal life


at least what is normal for me

librakitty05 librakitty05
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3 Responses Feb 19, 2009

thank you <br />
I too have been told by several doctors that i could not be in that much pain and that kind of pain and suggested that I see a psychiatrist<br />
<br />
this new doctor is like yes you should be in pain

I am grateful that you have a breakthrough! I have a friend who is tormented with pain and some Dr think she is crazy. They thought I was for a little while befor they finaly found out my problem. Pain is hard to see for some. I can see it. This great news...DD

That is great news. I hope the treatment plan the Dr, provided for you helps you live a pain free life!<br />
All the best!<br />